Garth Anderson received his professional training at Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville in Jamaica.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Masters degree in Social Science Education.  He is currently an educational leadership doctoral candidate of Temple University.

Mr Anderson has served the education sector at varying levels.  After graduating from Church Teachers’ College he taught at Bellefield High School and Church Teachers’ College, his alma mater. He then took up the role of Principal at the Muschette High School.  He is currently serving as Principal of Church Teachers’ College.

Mr Anderson is a trained School Inspector with the National Education Inspectorate.  His passion for civic engagement has led him to become a member of the Rotary Club of Mandeville, Jamaica and is involved in several outreach activities in the community.

Ethical Leadership in dealing with Complex Dilemmas

Presenter: Mr Garth Anderson

Affiliation: Principal, Church Teachers’ College, Jamaica

Presenter: Mr Howard Isaacs

Affiliation: Principal, The Moneague College, Jamaica


Leadership of an educational institution can be very complex.  Operating within institutions of learning are varying values of individuals and the institution itself.  As a result, addressing dilemmas that will arise can be very challenging. Ethical issues may not be an obligation of the leadership but it has been found to be a useful tool in solving problems in educational institutions.  The presentation therefore seeks to highlight the use of ethical frames as a means of looking at challenges from a holistic viewpoint, which should help in creating an effective institution of learning.

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